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Emanuela de Paula in Tahiti

Emanuela de Paula, a supermodel in Tahiti to sponsor the contest Marilyn Agency

Belle to fall down, but most sparkling, accessible, and full of life ... "That's a top! " explains the staff of Marilyn Agency. We quickly exchanging a few words with her: a killer smile, a look that captures the magnetic lens, and grace in every move. Emanuela de Paula was nice to have a physical unusual, and impressive career at only 22, she opts for simplicity. It is therefore with great good humor she sits before reporters to answer their questions. Necessarily trivial, against a top that is not. (see video HERE)

Emanuela posed for Vogue, Marie Claire, the Pirelli calendar 2009 and marched with "Angels" of the famous American brand of lingerie Victoria's Secret. Originally from Africa by his father, a Dutch-Brazilian by her mother, she says she has always wanted to be a model. In 2005, she was spotted during a photoshoot session. Headquartered in New York since she posed for the greatest photographers of the moment. "Emanuela is in its skin, balanced, is a dream. She does a good job, always smiling, right ... And this is not the case for all " , we glide Marilyn Gauthier. "Emanuela is an example for girls contest" , continues the founder of the agency. "I remember when she arrived in New York, there was immediately a kind of "buzz" on it. She is beautiful and photogenic and has a perfect body from top to bottom, and that's rare. With personality plus, it could only go for it " .

Emanuela will present the evening of the competition, June 10, to congratulate the winner. And perhaps for this dragging his advice to become a model for drilling. Because once the contract signed with Marilyn Agency, the most difficult tasks lie ahead. Dalena, the very youngest winner of the previous edition, has not yet started his career and is still in school. "There are very beautiful girls, but it's true that we sometimes struggle to make them work " , says Marilyn Gauthier.

There in Tahiti that Marylin is organizing this contest. Why? "I'll fall into the common places, but where to find beautiful exotic women to share in Polynesia or Brazil? " . As for the beautiful Brazilian she brought to the contest, she might be at the top in the fashion world, it has the same dreams as everyone else: "An overwater bungalow in Bora! I can not wait! "

 Marylin Agency 2011 : Emanuela de Paula en guest star

While the finals Marilyn Agency Tahiti takes place Friday night, Marilyn Gauthier, founder and director of the agency, presented Tuesday to the press, one of its''Top Model'', the beautiful Brazilian Emanuela de Paula . In this competition, she will meet the candidates and present to the public during a portion is likely to be memorable.

''She has a long neck she has a beautiful physique, she has a sublime body, it is naturally very cheerful, very pleasant and very professional.'' Marilyn Gauthier, founder and director of Marilyn Agency, is full of praise when it comes to presenting Emanuela de Paula, one of the flagship model of the French agency based in Paris and New York.

A supermodel guest star

Born in Brazil in 1989 that''Top Model''cosmopolitan origins is a good value at the time. Discovered in 2005, it is only at the beginning of his career and already has a resume worthy of the biggest names in modeling. Top of the Pirelli Calendar, Angel Victoria's Secret, this beautiful young woman asked for the greatest photographers and exhibited in prestigious journals.

A great success which leads to Tahiti today at the Marilyn Agency contest to be held Friday night at Le Meridien Tahiti. An evening that will allow the modeling agency to find among the 23 candidates aged 13 to 20 years, one that will be the epitome of aesthetic trends, as could be Carla Bruni, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen, all from Marilyn Agency.

A future star is born

Will also present Dalena and Anna who have won the last edition two years ago. If Dalena, who is now 16, begins to ask recently, Anna has worked in the middle and was offered a few magazines.

Who will be next to enter the club of young models of Marilyn Agency? The answer Friday night during the prestigious event finals or the public to attend the birth of that which will, perhaps, tomorrow at a fashion magazine.

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