domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Emanuela de Paula in Elle Magazine for Gina Tricot

Emanuela before shooting Gina Tricot

Emanuela de Paula exclusive for Gina Tricot

She has been on catwalks of Zac Posen, Diane von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren. Rated praise from Naomi Campbell. And was ranked as the eleventh highest paid supermodel 2009th

To constantly be on the road with New York as a starting point makes Gina Tricot head model Emanuela de Paula ever can pick up trends and new impressions. But there are some accessories that she never abandoned, the trend than the winds blow:

- I love bags - in all colors and sizes! I have an entire wardrobe. You could say that I am a real "bag lady" ...

What defines a festfin outfit?
- Hair is important for a woman's appearance. With a sloppy set, either in full or half-ranking released, is always nice. Clothes-wise works always elegant sensations, floral or silk, in bright colors. I am personally not a big fan of high heels, but they really instills confidence in the person wearing them.

It's no coincidence that Emanuela mentions silk as a material for a dressy evening. During filming commercials and shoot for Gina Exclusive noticeable clear how the material moves or falls with style and elegance. Drapery Yarn and the generous expanse of the 70th century inspired collection offers clothes an extra dimension.

- When I get a job, I try to enjoy the moment as much as possible, and give everything. I live in the moment, dancing, singing, laughing and trying to make the most of every minute. I have chosen to live this life and wish for nothing else, I love being a model! says Emanuela and provides for his energetic explosion in front of the camera further proof that really good party garment also going to move in.

During a break in the makeup, she says:
- For everyday wear I like the big, beautiful sweaters. Colour-wise, I have learned that white, orange and yellow suits my styles and my skin tone very well.

Many models tend to be fastidious with makeup private because they carry so much of the job. What you find in your makeup bag?
- I also try to let your skin rest as much as possible, but three key products can I not be without: eyebrow color, blush and mascara, like the Lancome or Dior. With them close at hand, I can quickly refresh myself.